Dima Grinkevych

Dima Grinkevych

Product & Brand Designer in Halifax, UK


Multidisciplinary designer with experience in brand + software design and marketing background.
Raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. Living in Halifax, UK.

🤙 Message me with anything you are passionate about.

Side Projects


a comprehensive collection of links for designers & creatives:
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Places and faces
Basic guide to recycling in Kyiv (on hold)

Recycling 101 for beginners in Kyiv, Ukraine


2017 – 2022 Archive

A selection of works from various projects I made as a freelancer since 2017.

Web-platform for DropX

Lead web design development for DropX — a hypebeasts' retail and resell marketplace.


Handwood was a creative project I worked on as creator, designer and project manager. Our collective produced handcrafted goods and digital products.

I started the blog as a bet in graduation year, raised it from 0 to 44k subscribers spending $2 in total on advertising, and then sold it in 2016.

Work Experience

2017 — Now
Freelance Digital & Brand Designer at grinkevych.com
2021 — Now
Product Designer at Exsportia
  • Shaped and sustained the design system.
  • Designed client-side app and web.
  • Created team's Notion: global directory, tasks board, knowledge base, brand glossary, etc.
  • Made a UX-writing guide for the design team.
  • Improved visual brand and web assets.
2021 — 2021
  • Worked out a major ExpertBox website update to fit the updated product style.
  • Another project is under NDA.
2019 — 2020
  • Had a great journey with Dima Humeniuk, Art Director, elaborating and strengthening the recently updated Star brand identity.
  • Supported internal requests for editorial and web.
2018 — 2019
Kyiv, Ukraine

Managed and improved the designers' workflow. Together we helped the brands be noticed and understood on social media, developing strategies and visual communication. I got lucky to be a part of teams working with the United Nations, Fedoriv, Saga Development, etc.


Web design 101 at WBA 2021
Estiem Global


Imaginary friends die here
Gymnasium 136, 2nd floor.

In 8th grade, I made a cardboard plate saying "Imaginary friends die here". It was placed above the door to the psychologist's office.

The exhibition by the anonymous artist was a great success. The social dilemma question remains open. A piece of art was dismantled by one of headteachers the same day. The further story of the item remains unknown.

Medium: cardboard, marker, double-sided tape


2022 — 2023
CMS Certification at Webflow